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I am applied for vacancy of WIPER or SECOND CLASS MOTORMAN!!! Not afraid of work !!! The desire to realize myself !!! RESUME Name:VADYM Surname: KOVAL Date: 27.05.1965 Place of birth: Kazakhstan Permanent Address: 35,apt,25/3, Posmitnogo str., Odessa, Ukraine, 65062 Contact Phone: +380957437421 +380487030405 E-mail: vadDKvolvo@mail.ru Marital Status: single Education: Odessa Higher Military School of Artillery, Odessa Maritime Training Center Cadet Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet Profession-ships second class motorman Work Experience: 08.10.2013 – 08.12.2013 Duties: General function wiper — I'm responsible for the general maintenance of the machinery spaces and pay a particular attention to the cleanliness of the areas where access is difficult. Floor plates, ladder treads and handrails must be kept free from oil and grease, which would make them slippery. Wipers take part in painting in engine department spaces and cabins. When on duty a wiper must follow such regulations as: - wiping rags used as cleaning material; - mops for removing spillage from deck; - sweepers to clean off debris from the machine tools, fitter's bench on deck; - safety cans for flammable liquids and oily rags. Documents: Seamen's Identification Card, AB528792, 01.07.2014-01.07.2019 Civil Travel Passport, ER149127,13.02.2014-13.02.2024 Qualified motorman certificate , 10111/2014/08, 07.05.2014-07.05.2019 Basic safety training, 1168/2013, 10.09.2013-10.09.2018 Designated Security Duties, 6928/2014, 17.02.2014-17.02.2019 Basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations, 1089/2014, 14.08.2014-14.08.2019 Basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations, 3294/2014, 14.08.2014-14.08.2019 Training of passenger ships personnel, 2381/2014, 12.12.2014-12.12.2019 Languages: English — good,(ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST for seafarers – the test result 85%), Ukrainian and Russian - native languages Work Experience: Trainee Motorman, HADZHIBEY, passenger, 08.10.2013 – 08.12.2013 Personal Abilities: I'm open minded, quick learning, tactful, positive thinking and communicative person. I do not smoke. I am a hard-working and like to work with people in team. To any missionI come with high-quality and with great responsibility. I am familiar well with my duties and try to do all my best, to bring a maximum benefit.


Страна проживания
USA Visa действительна до
29 Декабрь 2014 12:00 am
Дата готовности
29 Декабрь 2014 12:00 am
Контактный телефон
+380487030405 +380957437421
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